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Child Safety Advocates is a Registered 501c3 Non-Profit.

Child Safety Advocates would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our sponsors. From  amazing citizens and family members to small businesses and our national corporations, Thank you!

Your support for America’s youth athletes through the “Protect What Matter’s” campaign is unsurmountable! You are TRUE COMMUNITY HERO’S

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Our Misson

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Our goal is, through fundraising, to outfit thousands of local and national youth athletes with “FREE” added head protection gel caps to help protect their developing minds. 

The patented Gel Caps you will be helping provide are the latest advancement in impact reducing technology.  The caps have been through extensive lab testing and have proven to reduce the G Forces of the collision from 15 up to 63%! By reducing the impact we firmly believe we can potentially reduce the number of occurrences, and the severity of head injuries and concussions.

Why Sponsor

Our Sponsors are our lifeblood

As a society, we must do all that we can to support our children and their love of sports and other healthy activities while protecting them physically the best we can.

By making a tax deductible contribution today, you will be helping place this much needed added protection to these young minds and potentially helping secure their bright looking futures!

Without your financial support the “Protect What Matters” program would not be possible, “YOU” MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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Every Donation Counts

Protect What Matters Donation

Protect What Matters Donation